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Explore the types of Automatic Door Opener

What Are Automatic Door Operators?

An automatic door opener is a device that allows a door to open and close automatically, without the need for manual operation. It is commonly used in public buildings, hospitals, shopping malls, and other places where easy access is important, especially for individuals with disabilities or limited mobility.
There are different types of automatic door openers available, including:
  1. Motion sensor-based openers: These openers use motion sensors to detect the presence of a person approaching the door. Once detected, the door opens automatically.
  2. Push-button openers: These openers have a button or switch that needs to be pressed to activate the door opening mechanism. They are commonly used in places where controlled access is required.
  3. Remote-controlled openers: These openers can be operated using a remote control device, allowing the user to open the door from a distance.
  4. Touchless openers: With the increasing concern for hygiene, touchless openers have gained popularity. These openers use technologies like infrared sensors or foot pedals to detect movement or proximity without the need for physical contact.
When choosing an automatic door opener, it is important to consider factors such as the type and weight of the door, power source (battery or electric), installation requirements, safety features, and compliance with accessibility standards.
It’s always recommended to consult with a professional installer or supplier to ensure you choose the right automatic door opener for your specific needs and requirements.

Do You Need A Door Operator/ Opener?

If you’re looking to provide a seamless experience for visitors to your commercial or residential premises with an automatic door, but also have budget constraints, then look no further than our Automatic Door Operators. These electric systems can effortlessly transform manual doors into fully automated ones, ensuring easy access for your visitors.

At Westin, we specialize in supplying, installing, and maintaining a wide range of Automatic Door Operators, including the durable and robust Overhead Concealed System. This heavy-duty solution is designed to handle high pedestrian traffic and has been trusted by various industries for over a decade in Ontario. Experience unmatched quality and reliability by choosing our services for all your Automatic Door Operator needs.